Just let yourself win back the deep touch with your own self, let the truly you shine again with your friends, your daughter, your son, your husband or wife. Let yourself start again from your own self, whatever that means to you.

Take 2 days off!   Leave out phone and the daily routine that turns off all enthusiasm, leave out your goals, your timetables, your personal attitude of being always ready and willing.

Allow yourself to fill up your soul with silent moments, to enjoy the attentions to your body, to enable your mind to relax, to wander and run happily, to drop down thoughts without being asked to wear your daily “task-kicks”.

Spend two, or up to four days , at Namaste Guesthouse and Nadesh Ayurveda center by gifting yourself the pleasure of new flavours that will stimulate your inner fire, calm your mind and satisfy your taste.

Ayurveda is a poem born 3000 years ago, at a time when Mother Earth and human beings were brothers, and the deep meaning of life was a mutual respectful attitude. From this respect arises care and attention, the same behavior that nowadays still goes along with every Ayurveda gesture.

In our Nadesh, Ayurveda Center we will offer you the same original care and attention. The 20 years old leading experience of our school mentors and our Therapists, young but highly qualified, represent our Nadesh Team

What you need to know is that ALL PACKAGES:
– are conceived to be enjoyed during a weekend, but can also be performed along other weekdays

– are customizable, according to customer needs. It is also possible to book just one massage

– Detox and rasayana (rejuvenation) packages are available upon request

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